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Helping organisations understand colleagues who think differently

I provide online workshops that facilitate a clearer understanding of people with ADHD, mental health issues and dyslexia, dyspraxia in the workplace.

Neurodiversity workshops

Every organisation is different and training needs to reflect this. I offer workshops based on what you need and take time to find out what you already know. Workshops can be delivered to a specific group of people e.g. middle managers so that they receive key information.

Topics include: Workshops and interactive and delivered online. You will receive resources that will help you continue your learning.

Keynote Speaker and Presentations

“Talking about mental health isn’t complicated. It’s about ordinary, everyday things.”

I’m passionate that we start having different types of conversations about mental health. By views have been shaped by supporting people with mental health and having depression and anxiety. Mental health can seem like a vast topic, but I talk about everyday things that people can relate to.

Mental health problems affect one in four people and has a significant impact on employees and their work. I talk about

I inspire people to think about things differently and to start different types of conversation around mental health.

Events that I have been involved in include:

Organisational Development

Do you want help to develop a more diverse and inclusive culture?

You may have some ideas of what you like to do and the outcomes you want to achieve. Including me as an external consultant will ensure you get there. You are the experts on your organisation but I can help you work through a process in a way that bring about meaningful change. My role is collaborative and together we can work to achieve positive outcomes.

Specific skills that I bring include:
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