About Me

Hi, I'm Julie.

Thanks for visiting my website.
I am a coach, psychologist, facilitator and researcher working with individuals and organisations.
I love what I do and hope this page gives you a sense of who I am.
I look forward to working with you.

What I Do Now

Specialist Coaching for Individuals and Training for Organisations.

I set up my own business in 2015 and have been providing specialist coaching to neurodiverse people, and training and consultancy work. Over time, I realised that I was working with more people with ADHD and specialised in the area. My unique approach is based on working with people who have ADHD.

Where I Come From

Public Sector.

Before setting up my own business, I worked in the public sector. This included working as a psychologist in the NHS and managing disability and mental health support services in Further Education.

What I’ve Also Done


I completed a part-time PhD that explored the psychological contract. The psychological contract provides an alternative way of understanding the employment relationship. Maintaining a strong psychological contract by taking pre-emptive action can help engage and motivate people.

My Values

Inclusion and Equality.

I’ve always worked in people professions and recognise inequalities exist. My aim is to provide inclusive services and I do this by treating everyone as an individual. I have extensive experience of working with people who are neurodiverse e.g. dyslexia, AD(H)D and have mental health issues.

Future Plans

Writing a Book.

I’d like to share my knowledge of ADHD with a wider audience and am writing a book.  My book will provide examples of what works based on my coaching experience.
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